s _something [2012]

publication [8.25in x 10.75in: ink & paper]

Printed material is perhaps the most ephemeral of all the graphic arts. Most items designed are made to be used—at best—once before they are consigned to the trash bin. As an artist and teacher, I am constantly looking for alternative means of production (preferably something that is more sustainable). While researching the issue, I discovered MagCloud (which has since joined affiliations with Blurb), as an alternative to creating one’s own self-published magazine. Being a bookbinder by training, it is not difficult to make something like this, but it is always interesting to uncover alternative methods or venues or production, especially if one needs something in quantity or in a variety of formats.

s _something is an experimental publication I created during this venture. It also happens to be the setting chosen to incorporate some alternative image making techniques I was working with, as well as some typographic exploration.