Diode Poetry Journal

diode poetry journal lives in a city that sits where the Arabian Desert meets the Persian Gulf. Such a location makes for a climate of intense heat and humidity. Occasionally, we even see fog, unusual in a desert. More often, though, the air is heavy with sand and dust, blotting out the sun and reducing the cityscape to something two-dimensional, without depth, without relief. It can make for a world that seems somehow less than alive.

diode, teems with “poetry that excites and energizes … poetry that uses language that crackles and sparks.” We set out to find poetry that creates an arc between writer and reader, an arc that hums with the live current of language.  We bring you poetry from well-known poets, but also from some poets you may not yet know but will be pleased to discover. We express our deepest gratitude to all of them.

Join us. Read. Connect. Be alive.

And please tell your friends what you’ve discovered there.