Vestibule [2010]

poster [A0 – 841mm x 1189mm: ink & paper]

Entranced by location, I am continually intrigued by what makes a space a place. I continually wonder what makes a house a home, that most intimate and personal of spaces. If a house is a ‘machine for living’, a home is much more than that. Indeed, taken together all the parts of a house in no way account for what makes it home.

This large-scale poster wrestles with my preoccupation as a representation of a conditional space or place of mind. Home is something many people (myself include) have spent their life trying to define. In this instance I am visually exploring the semantic relationship I find to exist between this analytically defined space and a consciously designed place that resides between four walls.

Exhibition record: VCU in Qatar Faculty Exhibition: F for Faculty. 14 December 2010–20 Jan 2011. VCU in Qatar Gallery, Doha, Qatar.