Philosophy and subtle speculation

Learn to look at the world: the eye receives the less we stare,
converging at the juncture of the living mirror.

To see secret ciphers in the play
of shadow, light liberates the captive phantom within.

The science of engagement grasps details in objects
to achieve an analysis of tragedy and an understanding of things.

Beliefs alter the world, under a spell of power
over muscles & senses, we value the hero that’s hidden.

In words is signaled a mild unease that objects are unnaturally small,
falling prey to an infinite regress of observers observing distant objects.

Driven to inadequacies by our understanding, the body
attunes to the world like a tree, rooted deep, awaits fire.

The body’s planes—a resonance surpassing foundation—
impose a consistent distortion like a river, snaking.

Whatever the final story, motion has been fixed in place,
while we overlook meaningful patterns hovering at the periphery.

Sourced from: Parry, Joseph D. Art and Phenomenology. London, UK: Routledge. 2011.