mnemonic fossil [2003]


1. a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that assists in remembering something.

1. aiding or designed to aid the memory.

I am fascinated with glass. I took a glass class in grad school and with those skills, I created the piece mnemonic fossil for all the reason that I find the medium of glass engrossing. It has memory. And though it does not need it, the cooper letters remind one of this fact, but I had to see type encased in glass. And much for this same reason, like a resinous fossil, glass does a remarkable job of preserving inclusions that happen upon its path. Lastly, it is visceral. It is almost predatory in its heat and just as difficult to maneuver when trying to work with it. This crystalline fossil illustrates all those things I treasure about glass.

cast glass [56cm x 18cm: cast class and copper]